the sound of silence

i saw them on wednesday, in a small coffee shop hiding at the very corner of this street.

i saw two empty cups with read over worlds at their lips.  i saw two young burning flames out of one spring sparkle.

i saw silence – those dead words, falling on the floor. they were meant to be never born. they were meant to get never lost in the noise of these interwoven thoughts.

people talking without speaking.
people hearing without listening.

i saw eyes – oceans, full of hidden marianna trenches, covered by winter’s ice of eternity. never is too long for two. forever is potentially lethal for one.

i saw them on wednesday – the day which broke all clocks in the world.

the day which made them quiet time-travelers, persistent wall-breakers, finite lovers of infinite beauty.

the day i learned the touch of silence with my skin.


i saw two.