This kind of plant

Every Ukrainian kid knows the plant with the round dark-green leaves with a relief veins, growing by small families, never alone. I couldn’t find the proper translation of it in the Dictionary. Well, I think the literal translation is the best one, which says: “The one which is growing by the road”.

Every Ukrainian kid knows that it is not just a plant – when you fall down and your knees hurt or your elbows got some wounds stretching the tree-skin, you go to find these leaves. Then you warm it into your hands and put it onto your wound. And it heals your knees and your elbows.

Two days ago I called my mom this kind of plant. When your heart hurts you go to find mom and take her to your heart. Another thing is that it is not hard to find this plant – these leaves grow by the road, because mostly you get wounded on the way to something. Because their great mission is to take your pain away. Because they are here for you and your way.

And it makes so much sense. Miss you, mom.