This kind of plant

Every Ukrainian kid knows the plant with the round dark-green leaves with a relief veins, growing by small families, never alone. I couldn’t find the proper translation of it in the Dictionary. Well, I think the literal translation is the best one, which says: “The one which is growing by the road”.

Every Ukrainian kid knows that it is not just a plant – when you fall down and your knees hurt or your elbows got some wounds stretching the tree-skin, you go to find these leaves. Then you warm it into your hands and put it onto your wound. And it heals your knees and your elbows.

Two days ago I called my mom this kind of plant. When your heart hurts you go to find mom and take her to your heart. Another thing is that it is not hard to find this plant – these leaves grow by the road, because mostly you get wounded on the way to something. Because their great mission is to take your pain away. Because they are here for you and your way.

And it makes so much sense. Miss you, mom.


Bye Forever

Have you ever realized how many times a day we say “bye forever”? Every day.


There are so many things that have sense only now and today, so you will not experience them tomorrow or ever again. Like beautiful sunset, perfect in-time joke or eyes of your friend, who sees you through all of your darkness.
I am the type of person who always tries to catch the beautiful moment, putting it into a jar and keeping it in the most safe place of my inside world.  The “problem” is that God created so many beautiful things, that there is no end for them. So very soon my safe place becomes overwhelmed and I feel like I need more space. But even Space doesn’t have enough space to keep all of God’s beauty.
Thinking about that I feel absolutely happy and absolutely sad in the same time. Accepting every beautiful moment, living through it and letting it go away takes a lot of courage. You may not understand, why I am writing about that here. Me either.

The only thing I know today and now is that to see more beauty, to feel more love you have to overcome your fears.


“There is no fear in love.

But perfect love drives out fear,

because fear has to do with punishment.

The one, who fears is not made perfect in love.”

1 John 4:18

Amazing Race #2


Koshice. Slovakia.

It seems we spent more than a week here. It was one of the most eventful days. As a team, we had a lot of tasks to do: to learn a Slovakian worship song, to find a particular church and spend some time praying about the country we will serve in this summer, crossing the street, in which we could only use small pieces of cardboard to step on, remembering flags of countries where JV serves, and for sure FOOD CHALLENGE.

Now, after a long, long day, we are on the way to the High Tatry in a nice train, while resting.



Yesterday afternoon we went hiking! The High Tatry are very similar to the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine and this hike was a beautiful reminder of home for me. The evening was more spiritual we were collecting Bible-verses at the different stations and were tested by Rachel for some information about Josiah Venture: the vision statement, mission statement, core values etc.

As I serve Josiah Venture this summer with you, my dear partners, I want to share some of my experience, because I totally agree with JV’s vision and mission.


A movement of God among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe that finds its home in the local church and transforms society.


To equip young leaders to fulfill Christ’s commission through the local church.


Bold faith
Dynamic community
God-honoring excellence
Deep integrity
Indigenous empowerment

You can read more about it here:

We spent one more day in a small town in Slovakia. Then, after finding plenty of princesses in the park, we took a bus to Malenovice, Czech Republic. Tomorrow, Intern Training starts and there we will have a wider view of the ministry we will be a part of. I cannot wait for it.

Lastly, our team did not win the Amazing Race. Team Estonia did it for us 🙂 Anyway, our team spent a great time together working on relationships and getting to know one another better, taking care of other members of our team, and enjoying time in a group. That is a thing I LOVE about our team; we are ready to encourage each other and to be flexible.