For those who know the leaf

“It’s sad, a healing leaf cannot heal itself. It’s only life is to heal others.”

Healing leaf was created for healing others’ wounds. Usually it grows by the road. In the town, a place of broken things and broken people, you can see little forests of healing leaves everywhere. They even grow in the asphalt cracks, trying to heal the way humans carelessly walk every morning to their work places.


It is not sad, that healing leaf cannot heal itself. Healing – its destination, its calling. It is not sad, when you do something you were created for. But just think about that – you can be healed only if you’re alive. Asphalt is not alive. It is not dead, though. It is just an inanimate object.

The healing leaf doesn’t know that, with trust it grows in those asphalt cracks spending its whole life to heal them. The healing leaf is not sad about that, it is not giving up on the asphalt. It has no choice. It is just living there, until it will die.

“Maybe it is not sad for the leaf, but sad for those who know the leaf.”

The shadow proves the sunshine


There is a beautiful shadow on the wall. Have you ever noticed it? Have you ever noticed those tiny leaves, flowers, the distinctive net of branches on the ground? Have you ever noticed those moving shadows of people and their hands in the silent dialogues on the asphalt? All of them live in the alternative wordless world.
A shadow is a peculiar way of a reflection. A shadow is a singular reflection of the darkness. Darkness, which has each single thing around you.

Our world consists of darkness and light. We can’t reject one of them. They always go shoulder to shoulder.

Everything and everybody has its own little darkness, with its own shape and state. Our own darkness, which follows us through our whole lives, reflects our every single move and every single change in us.

When the night comes, shadows disappear. They just dissolve into the darkness, becoming part of the bigger darkness. Little darknesses hide at the great darkness, like scared kids hide in their mom’s tender hugs. You can never see the beauty of the shadow at night.

But when the morning comes and the sun shows itself to the world, it also shows the face of the world. Darkness shows only itself. It tries to absorb these tiny special darknesses and make them lost in its space. It wants you to feel shame for your inside trench and to give an “alternative solution” – come and hide here for nobody to ever see you.

Light shows both sides. It also shows the beauty and uniqueness of the dark side. It makes you feel special and beautiful the way you are. It wants the world to see you.


My beautiful friend, never be ashamed to trust your darkness to the light.

«I am the Light of the world. The person

who follows me will never live in darkness

but will have the light that gives life.»

John 8:12

This kind of plant

Every Ukrainian kid knows the plant with the round dark-green leaves with a relief veins, growing by small families, never alone. I couldn’t find the proper translation of it in the Dictionary. Well, I think the literal translation is the best one, which says: “The one which is growing by the road”.

Every Ukrainian kid knows that it is not just a plant – when you fall down and your knees hurt or your elbows got some wounds stretching the tree-skin, you go to find these leaves. Then you warm it into your hands and put it onto your wound. And it heals your knees and your elbows.

Two days ago I called my mom this kind of plant. When your heart hurts you go to find mom and take her to your heart. Another thing is that it is not hard to find this plant – these leaves grow by the road, because mostly you get wounded on the way to something. Because their great mission is to take your pain away. Because they are here for you and your way.

And it makes so much sense. Miss you, mom.