“If you say that you would like to be a fly on the wall on an occasion, you mean that you would like to hear what will be said or see what will happen while not being noticed. “
                                                                                                              Cambridge Dictionary

Awake, my heart –

My sleepy art,

My dreaming masterpiece.

The wall is still,

The talk is chill –

The room is soaked in peace.

A fly flew through –

Can I be true

In days with no disease?

Author: Tanya Dyatlik






Letter #4. Hope.

Now I am close, as close as I have been already for hundreds, thousands of years. As close as you allow Me to be. You don’t fight with Me anymore, no, you can feel My presence. You trust Me since the day when you asked Me if I really want to be your Friend. I answered: absolutely. I desire this. From that day you trust Me increasingly.

It makes Me happy when you read My Book. In this Book I am telling you how much I love you. In this Book I am showing you Who am I, how much my heart longs for you, how much I missed being in unity and harmony with you. In this Book I remind you that I will come back for you and we will be together forever. As it was before. I am preparing a place for you where you will spend eternity with Me. You will love it. I am making it specifically for you.

Read My words every day. Don’t let yourself forget how much I love you. When doubts come – ask Me and I will tell you about My love. I will show you the way I see our relationship and the way I see you. I will promise you again: you are safe with Me. I am by your side and I do care. There is no end to my love. You can feel it every time you open your heart to Me a little bit more. I value it so much. Never stop doing it.

I love it  when you wake up in the morning and tell Me: Hey, Friend. I laugh happily and reply: Good morning, my beloved. Your heart fulfills with comfort. I enjoy watching how you sleep, when your chest quietly breathes at night. I am the God of peace. Be near to me and I will give you rest.

I know the times when you feel heavy pain. Just give it to Me. I want to take it away. When you are missing hugs remember I will soon embrace you in my arms. Yes, really soon. What is the time of an earthly life compared to eternity?  Be still and stay near to your God. I will never leave you. Never. Never. Ever.

You are not alone. Listen close, I fulfill every inch of your life around with Myself. Trust Me and you will feel it: I am touching you with My presence. Be observant to what happens in your life. I am telling you about My love through so many details. You are important and I fill with sense and love every step and every hour of your day. Observe and you will hear, read, recognize and feel Me.

I am around you and I am in you. There is no room for loneliness in this relationship. I know everything about you and I know you. I am still proud of you and enjoy you. You have to know it. I am always on your side even when you are not.

Holy Spirit

Letter #3. Sacrifice. 

Father, I know everything is above You. I don’t want this pain. It hurts so much, Father. Where are You? Here? But I don’t feel Your presence, Father. I want to hide in Your arms now. This moment is unbearable… I am so lonely. I don’t want any words, I only want Your presence. This body You were once creating, look at this body: it is broken, torn, dirty and exhausted. It doesn’t remember the feelings of peace and beauty. This heart You breathed life into… It is crushed with doubts and fears. Penetrated by suffering.

Dad, I love everything You have created. I want what You want. Your will be done..

You want to call them Your children, Father? They nailed Me to the cross. They hated me. You tried to forewarn them that I am coming. I came and they didn’t recognize Me, being blind with a desire to be like You. I didn’t defend myself. I came to them to gain feeling and insight of how it is to live apart from Your presence for so long. I talked with them – they didn’t understand. I touched them – they didn’t feel. I told them You miss them – they didn’t believe Me. And here I am at the cross, Father, it hurts so much. I am here, in a human truncated body, because they didn’t believe me, Father… I am dying because I gave them truth. I can feel my every nerve, Father, because I love You… Because I love them.

I love them so much, Father…

So much… Love…

Father, You are silent… Don’t be angry with them, Dad. I lived with them for 33 years of human life. I know their eyes are shrouded in darkness. Pure love scares them. They don’t want healing, they are afraid of the pain that comes with trust. They do it unwittingly, Father. They just don’t understand. They don’t even know what is happening now. They forgot how it feels when Someone genuinely loves them…

They forgot how it feels to be a safe child. They forgot how it feels when You rejoice in them and take pride in them.

They think they are left alone.

They forgot You created them for love and eternal harmony.

Father, talk with Me… Don’t be silent. Dad…

Why did you leave me, Abba?