Letter #2. Pain. 

I see you. I am here, I am near. Hear Me, feel Me. I orchestrated history and creation, every day before and after your birth, just for you to remember Me again. To remind you that you are not an accident. You are My beloved, My absolute intention.  

I want to be by your side, to be heard and seen by you. I want to heal your pain, to leave it in the past. Every second after our last talk, after our last look, every second after that I saw how the world I created is being destroyed.

I didn’t close My eyes. Not for a moment. I saw everything. I saw the first time you met with emptiness and numbness. I saw the first time you felt loneliness around those you call family. The first time you got angry and learned tears of powerlessness. I saw everything. I felt everything with you. You forgot the real Me. You forgot – you have feelings because I made you in My image. I feel everything. I felt pain when you were envious for the first time. When you compared and decided that I created you imperfectly. When you started to doubt Me… Am I not deserving of your trust..?

I remember the dark day you turned away from My care. You hid your eyes. You forgot about Me from the very first second. And from the very first second I started missing you. 

Every time you fell down, I was longing to hold you and touch your wounds. And every time you were pushing Me away. You didn’t trust Me. Blindly and stubbornly you tried to be an enemy to Me, you were so sure you only deserved punishment, shame and hatred. I tried to remind you that you are still valuable to Me, still desired and beloved. My heart didn’t change. It is still broken for you…

I am coming to you because I want this pain to leave your life. I want you to remember who you are, Who I am and who we are together – you and I.

I love you. So much…