Beneath the Tree

Every Saturday our little family of two is getting out to explore the world around us or inside of us. It can be an old castle two hours drive from Rivne, my hometown or half a day in a cozy coffeeshop with a book and a journal. Either way every Saturday evening I come back home with a feeling of freshness of my life, filled with reflections.

“There is a time for everything, and everything on earth has its special season” Ecclesiastes 3:1 NCV

Since July 2018 I stopped writing as my heart was packed with impressions/reflections and my brain simply didn’t have enough time to process them. I terribly missed writing and felt guilty for not improving my skills. But deep inside of me I felt like the roots of my Alhagi Tree are growing not rotting and I decided to give them time.

The most important conversations between my dad and me have been happening during walks. Like an old Ukrainian samurai my dad loves to observe the nature. I remember us watching wind playing with willow tree branches. “Do you know the difference between an Alhagi tree and an orange tree, Tanya?” – asked dad. “Tell me…” – I like to listen to him talking about nature. “When you plant an orange seed, it takes a few weeks for a fresh green sprout to show up…”, he made a pause, tasting the metaphor, “but it takes up to one year for an Alhagi Tree seed to rise up.” One more pause. “The Alhagi tree grows its roots first. Because of its roots the tree can endure the most unfavorable ecological conditions. The same goes for people.” It was my time to take a pause, the east wind was whirling around yielding willow trunks. “You are an Alhagi tree, daughter. Don’t be hard on yourself for growing the roots first.”

Today, reflecting on last 7 months of my life I unexpectedly felt something that made me smile. After a long dry season of hardships and self-questioning, I felt something I missed for so long. I was standing in my bedroom as I froze and saw Life herself standing in front of me. I heard little leaves and branches growing a few inches up, straightening their tired bodies. I felt my 25 years running up my veins and sparkling out of my eyes with tears. I am living my life. I am growing my roots. I am dreaming of a steady tree, so I can invite west wind to come and settle its stories between my branches. I am thankful God created me to be who I am now and I am thankful God created me to grow into His me.

What happens now has happened in the past, and what will happen in the future has happened before. Ecclesiastes 3:15 NCV

My name is Tanya Dyatlik Dalrymple, I am the daughter of two amazing fathers – Taras Dyatlik and God, who created all kinds of trees on planet Earth.