239 pages

When I saw you, 
your golden heart was beating in the rhythm of your favorite song - 
I looked at your heart and asked:
Can I come closer and touch the skin on your face? 
You closed your eyes and breathed your stories 
into my lungs. 

When you saw me, 
I was writing a poem about your eyes. 
My lungs were breathing in the rhythm of my favorite song - 
I looked into your eyes and asked: 
Hey, can I come in and hold your hand? 
You drew me closer and whispered your dreams 
into my veins. 

When our book became 239 pages long, 
we walk in the rhythm of our favorite song - 
I look at you and ask: 
Can I call this room my home? 
Because if I don't have you, 
I have nowhere to go. 
Written by: Tatiana Dyatlik Dalrymple